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Written by Tracy B.


When I met Colleen many years ago, she shared her story about Praises with me.  She LOVES to get praises.  She has her amazing husband tell her how amazing she is daily.  She puts notes all over her house to give herself praises.  I thought this was hilarious and brilliant!  We all need praises!


So I decided to start my self praises.  I was training for Ironman triathlon as well as marathons at the time.  I started with a few sticky notes on my bathroom mirror that said things like “you will accomplish your goals”, “you are fast”, and “you are strong”.  It was fun!  My mirror became overloaded with stickies, so they started showing up all over the house.  I even put some on the fridge to help me stay focused on my nutrition goals – “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”.  My Brita water pitcher became the next target as I learned you can change water molecules with positive and negative energy.  I put positive words on my water pitcher that I wanted to drink in like “love”, “laughter”, “friendship”, “endurance”, “sunshine”, “gratitude” and “speed”.


Praises became part of my life.  I started to read them out loud to myself to make them even more real and more believable.  As a coach for Girls On The Run, we had an activity where you had to yell “YOU ARE AMAZING” to each other.  Like really scream it. That changed how everyone in the group felt that day.  Smiles were abundant.  The louder you say the praises to yourself and others, the more we all believe it.  It gives us confidence and erases doubt.


February is the month of love and the month of the heart.  Use your heart to love yourself as well as others.  Try some praises, wherever you may need them in your life.  Here’s how to get started:


1. Write a favorite quote that inspires you, words that move you, or a word/feeling you want to embrace.  Use sticky notes or tape/pin up where you will see it daily
2.  Read it out loud to yourself at least twice a day
3.  Look at yourself in the mirror when you say it
4.  Give praises to others and leave notes in places they will find them
5.  Believe!


My current sticky: “The task ahead of you is never greater than the strength inside you”.


Go on and praise yourself!  You are deserving of it all!