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Welcome to the 26th year of Women’s Quest Adventures for the Body, Mind, and Spirit! You will bring an amazing uniqueness to the retreat, just by being yourself. We are thrilled that you’ve decided to join us on this once-in-a-lifetime journey of adventure, knowledge, and play.

Each year, the Women’s Quest staff has an absolute blast planning our new lineup of adventures—creating unforgettable programs that are inspirational, restorative, and FUN. Along those lines, we invite you to rekindle your inner kid. Retreats are a powerful time to reconnect with the concept of play, which serves to stoke your inner wisdom, provide fresh perspective, and put the “oomph” back into your life.

We truly commend you for taking time for yourself, and for visiting a place where health means more than just having a strong body. It is our greatest hope that you will rediscover how to fine-tune the relationship between your body, mind, and spirit to achieve wellness from the inside out.

“The cure for exhaustion is not necessarily rest, it is WHOLEHEARTEDNESS.” ~ Brother David Sendall-Rast

Step-by-Step to Start your Quest

1) Please fill out the online registration form. This form provides us with the basic information we need to know about you. There is also a liability release form to sign. Please read through all of the information on the registration form and contact us with any questions.  You will be directed to payment options—either online payment or sending a check.

2) Place your deposit.  Your spot is not guaranteed until we have received a deposit.

3) Once you have paid the deposit you will receive a link to your online retreat packet. *We are saving trees!

This packet will have everything you need to know: packing list, travel information including shuttle arrival and departure information, and travel insurance, FAQ’s and staff for your trip, bike size information if applicable, final payment link, and also a link to the online group of women attending your retreat. This is fun because you can meet before the retreat. We will also have a closed Facebook group where you can ask questions and post photos.

4) We will be contacting you several time before your trip with important information.  We send a final email including contact info for each day of your trip, and a short list of what you’ll want to pack, the itinerary, shuttle pick up times, and group roster.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time with questions.

Colleen@womensquest.com, 303-545-9295