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Giving Back

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Women’s Quest is all about sharing and Giving Back to the communities we visit, whether in the US or abroad, to help make life better for others and for the planet. 

At our core, Women’s Quest is about transformational travel, and with that in mind I have been inspired along with one of our staff (Jacqueline Stanford -JAX)  to include some way of giving back to each community that we are fortunate enough to be involved with.  After 30 years of working together we at Women’s Quest have had the pleasure of meeting so many teachers, shamans, artisans, guides, children, animals, mountains and trees who are like family to us.  In every community we visit we love to exchange our ideas and give back to the people and countries that have given us so much. We are eternally grateful for all the love we share and the doors that have been opened for us, so it is a great privilege to Give Back to these communities.

At each retreat we partner with local organizations, women, businesses, families, and animal and environmental groups in need  to make a positive social impact in these communities.

Check out the projects we have been involved with. :

Bhutan – 2 philanthropic projects

Planting Saplings -With the GNH (Gross National Happiness) policy which is the guiding philosophy of the country, it’s obligatory to preserve minimum 60% of forest cover is embedded in the country’s constitution, of which we still have more than 70% forest coverage which is why Bhutan is carbon negative. Bhutan also celebrates a national holiday on June 2, “Social Forestry Day,” dedicated to planting trees around the country

The nationwide effort to plant trees and the collective support of the people is a testament to Bhutan’s commitment to the environment. To add on and take care of our mother earth we have a give back to nature program by planting more trees.

We visit Draktsho Foundation. The main focus of the center is to train children and youth with disabilities in various vocational and life skills that enable them with greater agency and autonomy. The courses and trainings offered include tailoring, embroidery, souvenir making, personal management skills, occupational skills, social skills and a physical fitness programs, there are two

Draktsho has two centers, one in the capital city, Thimphu, and the other located in Trashigang district in Eastern Bhutan. The produces made by the students are for sale which in a way helps the center to generate income. 

Costa Rica ~ We have so many things from the dogs and cats that we help with spay and neuter donations and to the beautiful local artists in Costa Rica.  
Patagonia ~ We want to give back to the area that has embraced us for the trip.  Torres del Paine was ravaged by 2 terrible fires in the last several years.  We help give back by planting little trees      www.amatorresdelpaine.org

Peru –  We have worked with the children’s home Ninos del Sol

Bali – orphanage

Whidbey Island – Whidbey Island nourishes to help feed those in need

Vermont ~ We help out one amazing elderly woman, Bambi Freeman, that lives on her own on a farm and raises sheep and chickens and has a huge garden. We also had the opportunity to support her by buying the dog beds she makes out of her own wool. The best dogs beds EVER!


Planting trees in Patagonia


 Our philanthropic project with Einar Borer from the Wetland Conservancy and Carbon offset will include a visit to the disappearing wetland and how Iceland is bringing them back https://www.votlendi.is/carbon-offset


Iris Kirby House – a women’s shelter – we will be painting the interior and adding positive quote decals in the hallways