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The Key to Success: 3 Ways to Reset Your Energy!

I had many keys to my success as a World Champion Triathlete, but one of them was to know when to reset my battery pack, or energy. I always think that my kidney energy is my battery pack, and long workouts, stress, watching the news, and being full throttle all summer long can deplete this precious life force energy and trash your adrenals.

So, here is what I did to combat the end of the Summer Blues:

During the heat of the summer when I was racing as a professional triathlete, my coach Dr. Phil Maffetone would always tell me to slow my intense training schedule down for four to six weeks. For a couple weeks, I would train easy, clean up my diet, and get out of routine, even trying something to renew my spirit.

3 ways to reset your energy  

1. Cleansing to re-energize.

We are doing a 3-day cleanse with Pia Plant on August 8th, 9th, and 10th…. and yes, her last name is PLANT!

Pia is our head mermaid at our Costa Rica Surf and Yoga retreats and she has been cleansing for years. She says that cleansing is an amazing gift that you give to your body and your whole self. We cleanse to feel energized, release the old habits and patterns, and to enjoy our ALIVENESS! Pia will offer 24/7 support for these three days, and we thought we could all do it together to stay motivated. To join this three day cleanse, email Pia at surfingplant@gmail.com. The cost is $50, and you will get your shopping list, great juices, and potassium broth. This is the REAL DEAL!

2) Try something new and get out of the RUT!

As an athlete, I was a bit boring and always doing the same workouts, the same training rides, the same pool swims, the same track workouts. UGH… Maybe you, too, are in this summertime grind with your routine. To really jump start the system and bring some joy back, I was told to add something new into my schedule. It broke the cycle and gave me some inspiration. 

I would go running but leave the watch, ride my bike to go swimming in lakes, ride my bike with friends to a destination to eat lunch, garden, surf, hike up into the high mountains, or play music. Just anything that was not ordinary.

Want to break out of your ordinary routine? Why not break free and come on a retreat! We have 2 trips right now with $500 discounts:

  • Whidbey & San Juan Island Adventure Retreat (August 12-16th) with hiking, cycling, bioluminescence paddling at night, whale watching, yoga, meditation and farm to table food…
  • Coed Tuscany Cycling Retreat (September 12-19th) with cycling (+ e-bikes!), wine tasting, cooking class, yoga, swimming in the Mediterranean, shopping in Sienna and so much more. This is one our very best retreats, which is why we call it “La Dolce Vita” – the sweet life retreat under the Tuscany sun.

3) Gain clarity on your goals, dreams, and visions

Women's quest travel group

As we take this time to slow down, it is also a great time to get clear on what your goals, dreams, and visions are or what you want to bring into your life. Luckily, and I really mean LUCKILY, this week in particular is a wonderful time to reset your Heart’s Desire because we are about to enter an annual cosmic alignment known as the lion’s gate portal. The Lion’s Gate Portal is a combination of the Leo sun, the rising Sirius star, and the spiritual luck behind the number 8, making August 8th an amazing opportunity to manifest, set intentions, and gain clarity on your goals, dreams, and visions. 

Tonight: August 4th at 6pm (mdt), I’m hosting a gathering to align your energies with the Lion’s Gate Portal! 

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