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We LOVED talking with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor!

Last month, as part of THE QUEST membership, we were incredibly fortunate to host a fun and fascinating discussion with neuroanatomist, inspirational speaker, and NYT bestselling author, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. Jill joined us from her boat on a river in Kentucky where she spends time listening to the sunset bug symphony, rides her hydro bike, and enjoys the moments of her life. Jill and Colleen are kindred spirits in so many ways! Their positive vibrations could be felt across the ether : )
The session was an interactive Q+A where members were able to ask Dr.Jill questions directly. We spend an hour and a half engaging in insightful discussions on the brain and how it influences our way of being. We learned how to create shifts in our psyches and that there is great value in leading from the heart space. Much of the conversation focused on coping and growing from stress. Dr. Jill insightfully informed us of her 90-second rule that suggests that “when we’re hit with a stressful situation—regardless of what it is— we should allow ourselves to observe the surrounding emotions for a full 90 seconds.”
Thank you to Dr.Jill Bolte Taylor for joining the Women’s Quest community to share valuable insights on how to lead a balanced life, inspired by mental wellness and heartfelt appreciation for the moments we are given. Our journeys in life are aligned and we look forward to hosting more session with Dr.Jill to support each others’ journeys.
Some of the Questions Answered During the Session:
“From a physician who has squelched all creativity, how can I nurture that now?”
“Where can I find brain exercises to restore functionality after suffering a ruptured brain aneurysm?”
“Any thoughts as to why we as humans tend to repeat some of our bad mistakes over and over again?”
“When there is a fight or flight response for every new news session, how can we short circuit the emotional response we get? Especially when locked in with young adult children who are more fearful than we parents are over the ‘rules’ to stay safe?”
“The 5 factors that so helped me recover from my TBI and that help keep me centered now in pandemic time were: brain healthy foods, physical exercise, NATURE, community, and an attitude of gratitude. Could Dr. Jill speak to those factors?”