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Quinton Marine Plasma is unlike any other electrolyte other there. Colleen keeps herself balanced and hydrated with this supplement pre and post workout, play time, zen time, you name it. This is her go to, must have, nutritional supplement that she recommends for every gal on the go!
Modern health experts are in agreement that the most serious deficiency in human health is the lack of nutrients in our diets. Seawater can help combat this by offering up to 78 minerals and trace elements back into our diets. It may assist every aspect of our physiology, supporting us with all the essential minerals and trace elements from the sea.
Athletes are always being pushed to keep hydrated. However, most commercial electrolytes do not provide ALL the ion-minerals necessary to re-establish the electrolyte equilibrium. With physical exertion and through sweat a great quantity and diversity of salt is lost. Reestablishing the electrolyte equilibrium is vital for humans to thrive.
Quinton Marine Plasma will:

  • Improve endurance, strength and recovery
  • Prevent energy loss before, during and after significant physical or mental challenges
  • Re-establish vitality after prolonged fatigue
  • Nourish cellular and genetic nutrition
  • Support immune and intestinal wellness
  • Improve energy, endurance, focus, recovery, flexibility, relaxation, sleep and adrenal health

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Quinton, Hypertonic seawater 3.3 solution, provides athletes with a natural product that is made up of micro-mineral composition qualitatively and proportionally identical to extra-cellular liquid, containing all the elements in the periodical chart and is completely bioavailable.
The seawater is extracted from huge whirlpools called the vortex in Arcachon Bay, off the southwest coast of France in the Atlantic ocean, where the temperature and the mineral compositions are constant and where the ocean is rich in phytoplankton and zooplankton. These extractions contain 92 known elements and all trace elements. The seawater is extracted at a depth of 10 m (solar penetration zone) in conditions that guarantee total purity.
Original Quinton is one of the most remarkable and enduring health discoveries in history. Quinton was used as one of the primary medicines during the disease epidemics of the early 20th century in Europe and the Middle East. It also served a critical role as a blood plasma replacement during both WWI and WWII. Quinton seawater has been harvested for over 100 years from a specific plankton bloom in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of France, using the same harvesting method developed by 19th century biologist René Quinton.
The Original Quinton offered by MHP is processed using a cold micro-filtering system to ensure none of the seawater’s original properties are lost. The highest quality of seawater is imperative to maintain the hydromineral balance of our cells.
It’s time to nourish our cellular environments from the ground up!
“The organism is a truly living marine aquarium” ~ René Quinton.