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Iceland is magical in every way. They have all of my favorite things – Horses, Hot-springs, Hiking with Waterfalls everywhere, Fairies and people that REALLY BELIEVE in them, and the best swimming pools in the world (with the best WATER IN THE WORLD)

I could go on and on about Iceland but one more thing that also stands out is the wonderful people that inhabit this amazing island. The people of Iceland are charming, creative, funny and Jolly, in love with life, plus most of them are great musicians, (almost all the best music from around the world comes out of Iceland.)
One of my all time favorite Icelanders is Oli Flossin who guides our horse adventures. You will fall in love with Oli and his wife Betta the moment you meet them.  Betta is a natural gourmet chef that uses Icelandic herbs in her cooking and teaches Kundalini yoga on the side.
We all totally bonded when EVERYTHING FELL APART one morning on our horse adventure retreat..
We were riding our horses from the beaches of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula the farm which is a 6 day riding tour where you ride alongside the herd. The first 2 days were spent riding along the beaches and water crossings and then we went inland over the beautiful mountains. Each night we put the horses in a safe and secure field so they could graze all night and rest up.
WELL…. on our 4th day we arrived to start our ride and there was not a horse in sight. They had vanished without even any footprints visible.  I of course freaked out because I had 14 women waiting to ride, AND I was super worried about 40 horses running free in Iceland and on the roads.
I look over at Oli and he is smiling and says.. “There is never a problem, only a new adventure!!!”
All of us immediately followed Oli’s lead and changed our perspective from FEAR to YEE HAW (LET’S DO THIS) and got ready for the adventure of finding the lost herd. We got to see lots of beautiful countryside that we would not have seen and when we found our herd we had the great experience of splitting the horses so we did not mistakenly take any horses that were not Oli’s.
I will never forget that day because Oli brought us a wonderful teaching.  Relax and Enjoy every moment that presents itself (Good or Bad) because everything always works out AND if you notice a problem just tweak your perspective.. and then all of the problems just turn into wonderful adventures.