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We love Patagonia for all the awesome beauty, unparalleled adventures, and cultural diversity it offers as well as the warm welcomes we have received and extraordinary friends we have made there during our Women’s Quest visits. Among our most-loved Patagonia experiences:
Hiking through the latticework of small rivers and beech forests of the magnificent Torres del Paine National Park, while watching (from a distance) the incredible avalanches rumbling down the walls of its highest peak, the 9000 foot Cerro Paine Grande.
Waking in the morning to the sight of the spectacular Torres del Paine Towers from our home at EcoCamp. The famous Torres Del Paine consist of three gigantic granite monoliths, the remains of a great cirque sheared away by the forces of glacial ice.
Horseback riding surrounded by spectacular 360 degree views throughout the entire day. From the immense Lake Nordenskjold to heart-achingly beautiful views of Mount Almirante Nieto and Cerro Paine to the Paine River, passing over the ice-cold Patagonian Rivers while admiring the local flora and fauna. This is my most favorite day, which provides the freedom to enjoy the most awesome place on earth at a walk, trot and gallop.

Hiking along the hills overlooking the beautiful valleys with chances of seeing the local wildlife foxes, guanacos and Pumas and then a boat ride to most photogenic and spectacular – Grey Glacier.
The bike challenging excursion to the infamous Blue Lagoon (Laguna
Azul). Mountain Biking along dirt roads and single track with a view of the towers in the background makes the journey unforgettable.
Giving back. Helping restore the vegetation in the Park -assisting local conservation organizations in planting trees. (This year we will also help rebuild our dear Friend Susan’s property that was partially lost to a fire last year.)
Our first day and introduction to Susan – master of meditative Yoga – We will then learn about the native plants and vegetables. Our cooking class will follow using these healthy ingredients and will culminate with the most delicious lunch you have ever tasted. We will then engage in a philanthropic project helping restore her property to it’s beauty before the fire.
Spectacular night sky amidst the quietness of the land.
But most importantly my LOVE for all these WOMEN and our newfound friendships!!
Join us this Spring on the Women’s Quest Patagonia Adventure Retreat.  Learn more by clicking here!