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Dream-Come-True Day Yoga Practice

Set up your yoga mat with a blank card or piece of paper in front of the mat. While doing the practice that follows (or your own sequence), consider who has helped you become the woman you are–a woman who knows herself, and likely has already had many dreams come true. I believe that our lives are supported by real life “angels” who are present at crucial times to reflect and support you. Is there a friend whose presence buoyed you in troubling times, or whose clear feedback was the voice or reason in a confusing situation? Is there someone who guided you at an important life juncture? Is there a family member who is your “rock”? When you think of this person, your heart sings. Trust who comes to mind when you practice and feel into your gratitude.

Take 5 minutes after doing yoga to write to this person—just a short note of gratitude from your heart. (It really helps to feel more flowing and open if you do some yoga before writing.) Let that person know how they helped you make a dream come true. (You don’t have to use that phrase, of course—you can just let them know that you are still feeling the blessing of their past support.)

We nourish our future visions and goals by acknowledging the precious connections we have been blessed with previously. By feeling within yourself gratitude, honesty, and generosity, you attract that continued wellspring of support as you move into more abundance and dreams coming into fruition.

Contemplative yoga practice into writing: Gratitude for past Dreams-Come-True Angels in your life

Child’s pose
Windshield-wiper knees
Hand at wall
Sidebend at wall
Knees to Chest
Single leg twist
Legs up the wall
Writing (with support from feline friend, Luna)

By Gretchen Spiro, Women’s Quest yoga and adventure guide
(WQ staff for the March Hawaii Swimming SUP Yoga and Adventure Retreat)