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by Colleen Cannon
My mom used to say to us growing up when we were stuck, crabby or frustrated on something to just “GIVE IT A REST!”
I had no idea how wise this was as a young kid.  When I would start to fret, complain, become anxious or just keep obsessing on a subject I had no control over, I would hear her voice telling me to GIVE IT A REST.  It automatically calmed me down and allowed a new perspective to take over.
This idea of Giving it a Rest is a way to switch your MIND out of the cycle of craziness we get caught up in this time of year and the GIVE IT A REST calms the sympathetic nervous system or the “Fight or Flight response. I remember when I was a professional athlete that learning how to GIVE IT A REST was essential to my performance. I developed an inner guidance system of listening to my body, never pushing it to far physically but also watching my inner critic and self-sabotager.
When I find myself getting anxious about the Holidays and New Year because of the BODY-MIND makeovers and overhauling programs on the internet, TV, social media, and beyond…I GIVE IT A REST  which basically switches the focus from OUTER DOING to the INNER UN-DOING!! Undo it All before you unravel.
(The Body, Mind, Brain, and Spirit all like it when we rest or take a break from being critical or going on overdrive.
*Give your Body a Rest from the hard year of working out, gym memberships, diets and not feeling good enough
*Give your Mind a Rest from KEEPING UP, and SELF IMPROVING
*Give your Spirit the rest  by saying. “All I need is within me now.” “I am OK.. just as I am” I am alive and grateful for this experience of LIFE!!
And then Bring in the New Year with a New Relaxed and Rested YOU…