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Life is a series of transitions: we age, we move homes, we fall in love, we divorce, we have children, we find ourselves out of work, we have too much work, we get sick, we heal, loved ones are born, loved ones die, ……and on and on.
Sometimes the transitions feel so big and overwhelming that we can loose touch with the core of our being. It may feel like there is no ground, like we are a ship about to tip over in a stormy sea. It can feel very scary, like we are dying. And indeed some part of us is dying. The inner death that comes from a transition is the opportunity for us to open and embrace ourselves in an even more authentic and loving way. Ideally, on the other side of a big transition we realize no matter how difficult it felt in the midst of it, it  made us stronger and wiser and was a gift that brought us closer to being who we are at the core.
Whether you are going through a big transition or a little one it is so helpful to have grounding practices. Here are some simple practices that can bring you back to your center when you feel ripped up from your roots.  Choose one and practice it every day. Research says it takes on average of 66 days of practice to make something a new habit.
Gratitude practice:
before eating think of (or if you are eating with others share out loud) 3 things you are grateful for.
first thing when you wake up take some time to savor and feel in your body 3 things you are grateful for.
Self Love Practice: lay down place one hand on the belly and one on the heart. Feel the movement of the breath under your hands and silently say to yourself, “I love you…. (your name). Allow the cells of your body to receive the love.
Shake the body: take from 30 seconds to 30 minutes to shake, jiggle, wiggle your whole body, including your face. Allow sounds so that any stuck energy in your throat is released. This is a great practice to shift out of negative thinking and/or worry and get your energy flowing.
Start the day with something that makes your body and spirit feel good: Go for a hike, a run or do some yoga or any practice that moves your spirit and body. (Keep your phone and computer out of your bedroom! Don’t start the day by picking up your phone or computer or letting the hamster wheel of the mind run crazy!)
If you are short on time go outside and take a few deep breaths. Standing imagine roots going from your pelvis down your legs into your feet and deep into the earth. Feel the crown of your head open to the sky. Slowly inhale, feel your lungs fill with fresh air as you raise your arms like branches of a tree expanding .Slowly exhale and feel your lungs empty as you lower your arms. Repeat the slow breaths and give yourself permission to creatively follow your bodies guidance and let the movement evolve.
Reach out for support. Don’t isolate, you are not alone, all humans go through challenging times. Seek out wise women who have gone through what you are going through and have come out happier on the other side. It could be a friend, a family member, a mentor, a coach or a spiritual teacher…. Avoid choosing people that collude with the part of your that devolves into being a victim. Choose people who inspire you, help you take responsibility and help you remember your power and brilliance.
Transitions are amazing opportunities for metamorphosis. What is it that you are needing to shed so the deeper, more joyful, authentic, loving, powerful you can more fully emerge?
If you feel interested in trying life coaching, I am available and would be delighted to support you. I am offering Women’s Questers a one hour free Skype Discovery session.
During the discovery session you will:
-reconnect with what you most deeply desire to create in your life (often a big transition forces us to look more deeply at this)
-identify limiting beliefs that are in the way of creating what you want
-identify next steps to move you toward your dreams
-receive the opportunity to explore if additional one-on-one support with a life coach will be right for you.
Alicia Grayson
303 653 3969