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by Sharon L.
Kids are back in school, weather is changing and soon we will be keeping warm inside. Now is the time to boost your immune system for protection against cold and flu season. During this season foods that retain body heat are important such as stews and soups with added ginger and turmeric. Remember to keep the throat covered with a scarf and to zip up keeping the cold from entering into your lungs especially for those of you who’s lungs are where the infections rest
Keep these formulas in your medicine Cabinet:
AVAT: A power full antiviral containing 3 of the worlds best antivirals: Andrographis Paniculata, Taraxacum Officinalis and Lonerica Japonica. AVAT is a formula you do not want to be without during the flu season and to take along on any trips as a preventative.
Flu)Ex: A classical Chinese herbal formula that addresses signs and symptoms associated with cold and flu. This formula is most effective when taken immediately at the onset of the 1st symptoms
Panaxea Gold Resist formula containing seventeen powerful immune boosting and modulating herbal extract. Resist strengthens the innate immune system by increasing natural killer cells (NK cells). NK cells are the bodies first defense mechanism to fight off viruses.
To order these products go to http://mhpvitamins.com/quest.html and use the discount code QUEST at checkout.

For the Kids:
OSCILLOCOCCINUM: These inexpensive tiny white homeopathic pellets work best taken at the very 1st sign of the flu as well as preventative. Temporarily relieves flu-like symptoms such as body aches, headache, fever, chills and fatigue.  They can be used once a week Small enough size to keep

Other ideas when you travel:
Thieves essential oil by Young Living
Congaplex by Standard Process
Vitamin C and D

Then there is always Colleen’s favorite way to stay healthy,
Get OUTSIDE everyday
Move around everyday
Drink lots and lots of water everyday
Meditate everyday
Smile and Laugh everyday
Take SOUL everyday (2 times a day), it is my life saver!! Natural anti-inflammatory, anti-oxident, anti-cancer, anti-aging and immune boosting.
To order call 888-724-6606, under Colleen Cannon
“I have not been sick for many many years because I take the SOUL product but.. if I do start to feel sick I go work out. I figure that the bugs will not be super happy in my body if they know they have to work out instead of laying on the couch!!” ~Colleen Cannon