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Magical Macchu Picchu: Once in a lifetime, truly unforgettable experience.
Peru RetreatI don’t know if there is anything that really prepares you for the majesty of Machu Picchu in Peru. It is one of the 7 Wonders of the world and home of the ancient Inca civilization.
They say that Peru is the heart center of the planet right now, which is why I love leading retreats to this WONDER filled area. I am captivated by this mystical land tucked up in the Andes displaying breathtaking vistas that loudly whisper secrets and signs of something greater that links us to the cosmos. Women’s Quest retreats are created for active women seeking adventure, wellness, empowerment and sisterhood with like-minded women, and if there was ever a place to facilitate all this and more Peru delivers. The high altitude landscape invites its visitors to literally push themselves to greater heights both physically and spiritually. With the added assistance of some very special Shamans and guides, the Questers quite easily find themselves relaxing into a more naturally connected and knowing version of themselves.
Getting ready for Macchi Picchu
The night before our departure we participate in a traditional Despacho ceremony with our Andean priest, Benito from the Q´ero community, to prepare for our journey to Macchu Picchu. This ceremony is to give thanks to the High Realms, to Pachamama, Mother Earth, the Spirit of all the water Bodies, the Nature, the Sun called Inti, Moon, Stars, and the Great Spirit. We ask them for protection, light on our path in life, and blessings. We are humbled when we learn that Benito and his two companions, his brother and nephew, have walked for over two days from the border of the Amazon jungle to do this just for us. We delight in his playful construction of the offerings to the Great Mother and the Great Father, made with paper, and seeds and herbs, glitter for the woman who likes sparkly things, and cotton to line our path so that we have a soft place to fall if we lose our way.
Arriving in Machu Picchu
This area is said to be the “morning of the new sun” – the portal through which rays of the new light will begin to awaken humanity to a new consciousness.
As you walk around its ceremonial center, sun-dial, still functioning water channels and impressive stonework, Macchu Picchu does not disappoint. Our guide, Gabi explains that this was a celestial university of sorts and all built in harmony with the surrounding mountains of the high jungle and aligned to honor the sun on the June 21st summer solstice. We stay at the ruins until sunset, one of the quietest times of the day, and there are optional hikes to the Sun Gate or the Inka Bridge.
The next morning we set our alarms for 4:30 to experience the magic of sunrise at Machu Picchu. It is overcast and low clouds block the sun. Undaunted we stand in awe of this enchanting place and give our thanks in meditation. Amazingly the sun breaks out of the clouds and we are bathed in an extraordinary feeling of belonging and inspiration. We have been drawn into the mythology and mysticism of this land leading up to this day and the old taken-for-granted sun is now Inti, and he has blessed us. We see 3 ladies from China watching us do Qigong and we invite them to join our group.
Powerful, Inspiring, Wonderful and Unforgettable
We literally become part of the oneness of all things
Here are some of the “Words of the Day” from Tracey Lynne Tague’s journal about Peru:
Pure energy.
Coming home
Pacha Mama
Humming birds
“This Women’s Quest journey was unlike any other I have experienced.  It was my first time traveling with a group of women that I did not know.  Having come to the end of the adventure feeling like I have known them all of my life.  Days felt like years.  This trip felt like a life time of growth and transformation wrapped up into a tight little woven tapestry of events, emotions, awakenings, triumphs and surrender.  Traveling and circling with women…there is a palpable connection that happens when we all come together with a common vision and open our hearts.” ~Tracy L., 2015 Peru Quester
How do you find your inner strength and resilience on a vacation? You can take a Women’s Quest adventure to the magical land of Machu Picchu Peru and find yourself and your magic again.