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Living your most radiant life can be challenging in the fast moving pace of modern life. And the world of abundant and constantly changing health recommendations can add to the complexity of finding balance.  I want to make it simple for you access living radiantly without feeling like every day has to be the perfect day.

Digestive health is on the top of the list of ways you can take care of yourself.  Your gut knows what’s up in your life with links to your mood, your digestive wellness, your stress experience, your energy level, and your overall health through a complex relationship called the gut-brain axis. Some distractions of everyday living including needing to eat on the run, eating a diet not best suited for YOU, overuse of some prescription medications, unmanaged stress, poor sleep, not spending enough time in nature, and challenges in finding time to move your body can disrupt this complex system.

So, how does your current lifestyle – eating, movement, and self-care practices – align with your health goals and support you in living a radiant life?  Supporting your digestive health is one of the single best ways you can show up for yourself to keep your body feeling amazing

Here are two simple practices to add to your daily routine to support your digestive system and as an extension NOURISH your body, mind, and heart.

  1. Eat more probiotic fermented foods to support your gut microbiome.  While that may not sound like a glamorous self-care practice, supporting healthy colonization of the good bacteria in our gut is a WIN for your body, your mind, and your heart.  A healthy microbiome has benefits for your mood, your immune system, your metabolism, your digestive health, and living a well NOURISHed life. A few of my favorite fermented foods are miso, kimchi, and kombucha.  “Mason Jar Miso Soup Bowls” make it really fun and easy to add both miso and kimchi to your lunch.  If fermented foods are not your thing think about adding a probiotic to your morning routine.  I like Metagenics UltraFlora Balance.

  2. NOURISH your gut microbiome by eating more prebiotic fiber rich foods which feed the good bacteria. Black beans, lentils, and bananas are great everyday nutrient dense foods to support you in feeling your best.

A happy and healthy gut is not just about digestive comfort but about the entire body.  NOURISH your gut to support feeling your best, every day.

If you want to learn more about how to nurture and NOURISH your gut so that you can feel your best, or if you want support around a personalized lifestyle plan to NOURISH your most radiant life – Reach Out.  I am here to support your journey.  Cheers.

Interested in the Mason Jar Miso Soup Bowl Recipe or the UltraFlora Balance?  Reach Out. Or email Kim @

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