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by Kate Solsti
Stress and Our Animals
Our animals are acutely aware of the electromagnetic frequencies of stress as we experience it and as it travels in the atmosphere. They will do all they can to alleviate our stress by taking it into their bodies, acting as a pressure release, trying to distract us by acting out, getting sick, etc. By being conscious and present to this mirroring effect, we will be at our best to help them and ourselves.
How to Help
1) Be careful what you watch and read. It’s important to stay aware of what’s going on in the world, but beware of TV news in all it’s forms. It is designed to activate fear. “If it bleeds, it reads,” is an old saying that is still true. DO NOT watch or listen to the news when you first wake up or leave the news on the TV as you start your day. It will invade your energy field and activate fear or “compassion fatigue,” neither of which will serve you, your animals or anyone else. Instead, listen to the news in brief, as on NPR on the hour, but take a deep breath and focus on sending love into those situations.
2) If you live in a place that could be impacted by a natural disaster, be prepared to evacuate your companions. Have crates and carriers labeled with your name, cell and their names. I add species and perhaps a brief description: Lily, dilute calico cat. Add their vet’s number. Leave collars with tags on your pets. Have food-to-go, meds and supplements labeled in another bag with your name and theirs.
2) Create a 1st Aid kit for animals and people. There are pre-made kits available on line or you can put together your own. ALWAYS add “Rescue Remedy” or “Five Flower Formula.” I would also recommend adding the following homeopathic remedies in a 30 x potency: Aconite for shock, Arnica Montana, for bruising, exhaustion, Nux Vomica to help with “food poisoning” or stomach upsets. Try to get the “Hylands” brand,” as these come in a sweet, soft pellet that dissolves quickly when placed between lip and gum for an animals or under the tongue for children and adults.
3) Massage, TTouch, Healing Touch, Reiki — any loving touch will soothe you and your beloved animals. I recommend that you get yourself regular massages and give them regular massages whenever possible.
*Before you begin, center yourself and take a couple of deep breaths. Breathe into your heart, release your stress and breathe in Love and Light from above (Source, God, The Universe).
*While you touch your animal, visualize the stress peeling off of you both. Give it to Mother Earth, the Angels, whomever, to be transmuted.
*Keep breathing and releasing. Back fill both of you with Love and Light as you feel the stress, fear, etc., leaving your bodies. This is a very important step.
What if God/Mother Earth Has a Plan?
What if all theses disasters and crises are God’s/Mother Earth’s invitation to us to come together for the good of ALL?

Share the GOOD! One of the blessings of a crisis is how it brings out the best in many of us. If you are in a place where strangers are helping one another, ask them the question, “What would our world be like if we cared this much for each other all the time?” Ask them if you could connect with them after the crisis has passed for a meal, a cup of tea… to share a peaceful moment and get to KNOW one another. If they have animals too, ask how they are doing and share how much you each love your animals.
Please join Kate Solsti in seeing the challenges as wake-up calls to bring us together to heal our collective fear, pain and suffering, so that we can be the shining beings we were born to be!
Kate is an animal communicator and spokesperson. Colleen and her animals have known Kate for many years. To learn more about Kate, visit her at her website: www.KateSolsti.com