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Polygiene® Odor Control Technology is seriously one of the BEST things ever invented for active women who like to travel light, go from the workout to WORK AND are conscious about the environment!
I know it sounds unbelievable but you CANNOT make these socks, shirts, cycling jerseys or towels STINK. I have put them to the test for weeks in Iceland riding horses and hiking!
Remember when you are shopping around find products that have the Polygiene logo on them or ask which products have it. You will be so Happy and you will SMELL better. If this was not enough, the final straw for me is that you don’t have to wash your shirt and socks every time you wear them. You can go for weeks.
My friend, Joe at QOR, created a men’s shirt made with Polygiene and he was telling us about his experience with the product. He went to the gym for a week, went dancing, went cycling and was bragging at dinner because he was wearing the same shirt and it had not been washed!!!
PS:   Here is a little TMI but… I love my shirts with Polygiene from Athleta called the UNSTINKABLE because I don’t have to wear deodorant!
So if I know you are going to be working out hard with friends, or in a gym BE NICE AND WEAR YOUR POLYGIENE SHIRT and SOCKS!!
Learn about how Polygiene is raising retailer and consumer awareness on odor control and how to act climate smart. Wear More. Wash Less® Visit them at polygiene.com and join them on Facebook!