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Wake Up Call

Colleen Cannonby Colleen Cannon

People always ask me how do I wake up so cheerful? Especially because I don’t drink coffee.
Waking up refreshed starts the night before, before you fall asleep

1. Give Thanks
As I fall asleep I do what my mom always told me before I would fall asleep. She would say: Thank the Lord for the Lovely Day. So I kinda get carried away because I Give Thanks for everything big and small and have done this since I was a child. It helps you to ALWAYS END ON A HAPY NOTE. If you can’t think of things to give Thanks about, (how about the sun rising) make something up because your subconscious mind does not care, but never ever take resentments, anger, fear or sadness into your nightly dream state. Those emotions rob your daytime and nighttime energy.

2) Hydrate
Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol and sugar before you go to bed

Unplug your Internet and turn cell phones to airplane mode before you go to bed.

4) Fresh Air
Go out and look at the stars. (this takes one minute) and it is the BEST thing you can do to align your neck

5) Stretch out the kinks. I have a 10 min before bed routine to get the lymph moving