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Morning Rituals

Colleen Cannon
by Colleen Cannon
Dry brushing and Abhyanga massage:
1) Abhyanga massage:  Move the Lymph and recharge the body with this full body self massage in the morning. It will improve circulation, help move the lymph, soften and smooth the skin and lubricate the joints, plus it leaves you feeling fabulous and ready for your day

How to do it:
I learned about this self massage technique from Dr John Douillard when I was a professional triathlete.
First I take a tiny bottle of sesame oil and warm it in the sink while I brush my teeth. You can infuse it with Calendula which with repair and tone the skin.

Then you start from the top of the body (the whole scalp and even the ear lobes) and massage in circular motions the oil in all the way to your feet. Pay special attention to your joints.

Use long strokes on the limbs (arms and legs) and circular strokes on the joints (elbows and knees). Always massage toward the direction of your heart

Then I get into a warm shower and viola.. A New Attitude and a New Person emerges!

Make sure the towel you use can be thrown away. I know this is harsh but the oils build up and can be really bad for your dryer. I buy a bulk set of 10 tiny towels and use those several times and then discard them.

Watch this 3 min video on Abyanga massage
2) Plank Pose and Vinyasas: Yoga is an amazing tool to get rid of the Winter stifflies.
3) Upon rising, drink lemon water. This will not only hydrate you in a way that your body can best absorb the water but also jump start your metabolism for the day.