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Summer Solstice

Taking Hints from the Sun: Summer is a good time for us to reflect, stand still, find time for our self and reevaluate how are seeds are growing that we planted in the Spring. What do your dreams need in order to grow?

Try these 3 tips for Body, Mind and Garden:
1) Water. Drink lots good quality water and for your garden set up a drip watering system (this can also remind you to nurture yourself frequently throughout the day)
2) Weed. Weed your garden each day to give your plants space and energy to grow. While you are doing it think about what weeds in your life are taking your precious life force energy. Weed out anything and everything that is no longer serving you
3) Watch, Give Thanks and Trust. Every day you are going to see evidence that your garden dreams are growing. Make a list of these daily miracles in your life and talk about your success and how things are thriving in your life.

Awakening your Senses on the Solstice
I love this line from Mary Oliver’s poem because it reminds us to take in the energy of the Summer.
Such richness flowing
through the branches of summer and into
the body, carried inward on the five

Here is how you can use your senses this summer.
Smell: …Fresh flowers in the garden, pine trees, the scent of fresh dirt…  If you live in an apartment, get a flower box for aromatic herbs.
Touch: …Find time alone, take a luxurious bath, go for an evening walk with someone you love, get a massage… Go barefoot and feel the grass under your toes.
Hear: …Listen to the sounds of nature. At our house the hummingbirds whiz around and remind me of joy. The streams have thawed out and are rushing once again. Listen to your favorite meditation
See: …Take time to think about what you want in your life. Observe the clouds—shifting always. Watch the trees sprout with new life each day and use it as a reminder that you can regenerate and rejuvenate as well.
Taste: …Buy Fresh Foods from a Farmers market in your area. Have fun with the array of colors and textures.

My favorite workout in the summer is running with my horses. I run with them down the hills and I jump on when we go uphill. But…well…if you can’t do that…I have another workout that can boost your endurance.
Straights and Curves: a running track workout.

Warm up and…
Stride out the straights of the track.  When you come to the curve, slow down and recover. Don’t go hog wild on the straights—run comfortably but a little faster than race pace. Lift your chest and get up on the balls of your feet. Act like Fred Flinstone and turn your legs over and your speed will increase.
You can start this work out with just one mile of “straights and curves” and then move up to doing 2 to 3 miles around your local track.
…Remember to cool down with some easy walking and a stretches for your calves and hamstrings.