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Greece Blue Water Bliss: Yoga, Kayaking, Hiking and Wellness Retreat in the Aegean

With Hiking, SUPing, Swimming, Kayaking, Boat trip to the best beaches to snorkel, Yoga and Ayurvedic wellness routines, authentic cooking class, stargazing and Greek dancing! 

Amorgos and Naxos, Greece
Cost: $4500
Sept 22-29th, 2024

Embark on a transformative journey to the breathtaking island of Amorgos in the Aegean Sea and Naxos island, one of the small Cycladic islands in Greece where many movie stars escape the crowds. Immerse yourself in authentic Greek culture, stunning landscapes, and rejuvenating activities alongside a supportive community of women. Get ready for 7 unforgettable days filled with swimming in the deep blue crystalline waters, SUP, kayaking, hiking, yoga, Ayurvedic wellness lectures, stargazing, an authentic Greek cooking class, Greek dancing, and an incredible boat trip around the island of Schinoussa to private beaches for snorkeling. Both Amorgos and Naxos islands are known for their healing and transformative energy, dramatically beautiful landscapes, and medicinal herbs that grow wild on their hills and valleys where we will be hiking. An ocean lover’s dream awaits!


Unwind and reconnect:

  • Luxurious accommodations at the charming Vigla Hotel, renowned for its warm hospitality and delicious meals 
  • 2 nights on Naxos on the beach.
  • Relaxing yoga sessions on the deck with breathtaking views.
  • Refreshing swims in crystal-clear Aegean waters.
  • Rejuvenating massages performed by skilled professionals.

Explore hidden gems:

  • Kayak through turquoise waters to secluded beaches and charming coves.
  • Hike scenic trails through ancient villages and breathtaking landscapes.
  • Visit the iconic Panagia Hozoviotissa Monastery, perched dramatically on a cliff.
  • Discover the traditional village of Langada and learn about its olive oil production and an herb walk with a true master.

Unleash your creativity:

  • Participate in a hands-on pastry-making class with Mrs. Irene, a local legend.
  • Learn about flower essences and their healing properties in a unique guided walk.
  • Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of a Greek dancing lesson.

Indulge and savor:

  • Delight in traditional Greek cuisine prepared with fresh, local ingredients.
  • Enjoy picnic lunches on secluded beaches with stunning views.
  • Savor exquisite meals at authentic tavernas with an oceanfront setting.

Experience exclusivity:

  • Be guided by the knowledgeable and passionate Dimitris from Dream Blue, ensuring an unforgettable adventure.
  • Explore the exclusive island of Koufonisi with pristine beaches on a full day private boat trip.
  • Discover hidden beaches and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking in blissful seclusion.

Join us on this life-changing adventure and:

  • Connect with your inner self and fellow adventurers.
  • Discover the magic of Greece and its rich culture.
  • Create lasting memories and friendships.
  • Return home feeling refreshed, inspired, and empowered.

Included in the Price:

  • 7 nights and 8 full days of accommodation: 
  • 5 nights at Vigla Hotel and 2 nights on Naxos next to the beach
  • Comprehensive activities program featuring yoga, Ayurvedic wellness sessions, hiking, kayaking, swimming, and SUP
  • Memorable private boat trip around the island of Koufonisi with swimming and snorkeling 
  • Guided hikes including the Tholaria village loop and the Chora to Aegiali trail
  • Daily swimming opportunities in pristine waters
  • Traditional Greek cooking class for an authentic culinary experience
  • Greek night filled with traditional food and dancing
  • Visits to two iconic monasteries: Hazoviotissa Monastery and St. George Valsamitis Monastery
  • All-day tour of the southwestern side of Amorgos, exploring the beaches of Kato Meria and Mouros
  • Private guides and van transfers provided for convenience throughout your stay with our guide Dimitris
  • Meals:
    • 7 Daily breakfast buffet with options available for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free diets
  • 4 lunches, including a delightful lunch served during the boat cruise (3 traditional lunches on your own)
  • 5 dinners, featuring a special cooking class experience and the lively Greek Night

What is NOT Included in the Price:

  • Sept 21 or 22: Airfare and Ferry to Amorgos + transfer to and from Hotel (many people are going to Santorini first and then a Ferry to Amorgos)
  • Sept 29, or 30: Airfare or Ferry from Naxos to Athens
  • 3 lunches and 2 dinners
  • Travel insurance – required
  • All personal expenses (e.g., shopping, laundry, telephone)
  • Tips for guides, driver

What to expect?

Get ready for an unforgettable journey on our Amorgos Greece retreat with a Naxos island extension. We’ll kick off our adventure in the pristine waters of Aegiali Bay, where a refreshing swim will help us unwind after our arrival. Each evening, center and relax with rejuvenating yoga sessions against the backdrop of stunning sunsets.

On our second day, we’ll glide through the turquoise waters as we kayak along the magnificent Agios Pavlos Beach. Paddle alongside dramatic cliffs to discover hidden gems like Nikouria Beach, where we’ll indulge in a delectable picnic lunch under the warm Greek sun.

Our first hiking expedition leads us to the iconic Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa, perched dramatically on a cliff overlooking the Aegean. Traverse ancient paths adorned with charming windmills and immerse yourself in historical marvels. Rejuvenate with an afternoon yoga session, feeling invigorated by the day’s accomplishments.

Delve into the island’s rich history as we explore the charming village of Langada, learning about traditional olive oil production methods at the old olive press. Wander through picturesque streets, visit historic landmarks, and embark on a guided herb walk to discover Amorgos’s amazing flora.

Another day, we’ll bask in the tranquility of Mouros Beach on the island’s southwest side, pausing at the historic Convent of St. George Valsamitis and savoring a delightful lunch at a traditional village restaurant in Arkesini.

Indulge in a Greek cooking class led by Mrs. Irini, owner of Vigla Hotel, and dance the night away at a Greek-themed evening filled with delicious food and lively music. Don’t miss our enchanting stargazing experience, where the dark skies of Amorgos reveal the wonders of the universe.

On Naxos island, embark on a full-day boat trip to discover secluded beaches and hidden coves of Koufonisi. Get ready for a week of cultural immersion, scenic hikes, and wellness activities—all set amidst the breathtaking beauty of Amorgos!


Amorgos: Vigla Hotel (5 nights)

Dive into the heart of Amorgos at the enchanting Vigla Hotel. Nestled in the charming village of Tholaria, your haven boasts mesmerizing views of Aegiali Bay and Kroukelos mountain. Embrace traditional Cycladic architecture seamlessly blended with modern comforts in your cozy room. Be it exploring nearby hiking trails or simply unwinding on the balcony, soak in the serenity of this picturesque haven.

4 to 6 single rooms available for $1500 extra. One small single room is $1200 extra

2 nights on Naxos

What will the food be like?
Indulge in culinary excellence! Prepare your taste buds for an unforgettable journey through the flavors of Greece. At our hotel, we take pride in serving nothing but the finest. Immerse yourself in the goodness of the Mediterranean with a menu inspired by the renowned Greek diet, celebrated as one of the healthiest in the world. Delight in fresh, organic ingredients sourced directly from our own garden, ensuring each dish bursts with vibrant flavor and nutritional goodness. Get ready to savor every bite of our exquisite creations, crafted with care and passion to tantalize your senses and leave you craving for more. We will be eating at the Ambrosia Gallery Restaurant that specializes in traditional Amorgian cuisine with chef Irini.

Tell me about the Greek cooking class

Experience the essence of Greek culinary mastery with our traditional Greek cooking class, a highlight of your retreat. As the sun sets over the picturesque landscapes, you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome, complete with the aroma of freshly brewed Greek coffee or organic tea, accompanied by delectable homemade cookies.

Under the guidance of our skilled Chef Irene, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of local agricultural products and mountainous herbs, discovering the secrets behind the authentic flavors of Greece. Get hands-on as you learn the art of crafting traditional Greek pastries, each recipe a cherished piece of Greek heritage.

Indulge your senses as you delve into the culinary delights of Greece, and with every knead of dough and fold of filo pastry, you’ll be creating memories to cherish long after your retreat. Join us as we embark on a journey of gastronomic discovery, taking a piece of Greece with us with every delicious bite.

THE GREEK NIGHT!!!  Greek night is a super fun experience with authentic Greek food and traditional dancing. It is the Greek way of life to enjoy dinner for a celebration of fun, dancing to the sound of the violin and lute all night long.

What about the yoga?

Most mornings we will Awaken our Senses with Qigong.
Each afternoon, we’ll realign and rebalance with a restorative yoga practice, designed to gently rejuvenate both body and mind. Amanda draws her inspiration from Ayurvedic practices and offers a harmonious blend of movement and relaxation. It’s the ideal way to unwind and recalibrate after a day filled with adventure and play. Join us as we nurture our bodies and find inner peace amidst the beauty of our surroundings.

What about the hiking?
Amorgos is famous worldwide for its hiking trails. Most of them are old donkey routes that connect the villages of Amorgos. Our first hike (the Dolphin and Goat Tour) is around 3 hours and connects the village of Tholaria to the village of Langada. It’s a traverse which rewards hikers with spectacular views of the entire valley of Aegiali and the four villages of Tholaria, Langada, Ormos and Potamos. Our second hike is the path from Aegiali to Chora and the Monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa. This path is declared as one of the most fabulous hikes in Greece, offering sea views on both sides of the trail.

What about the kayaking?
Kayaking around the Agios Pavols Beach is known for its stunning scenery, with clear turquoise waters, dramatic cliffs,and small caves. Kayaking offers a unique perspective of these natural wonders.What about the swimming?
We will be swimming and enjoying every beach every single day. One very special day we will take an all day tour with our personal guide Dimitris, to the South part of Amorgos to my favorite beach called Mouros. We will swim and relax and enjoy the blue water. On the way we will stop at the Convent of St George Valsamitis and continue to the beaches of Kato Meria. Then a very special traditional GREEK lunch with our friends in the village of Arkesini.

What is the weather like?
Weather is ideal for swimming and paddling throughout September. It will be quite warm during the day but cooler than mid-summer temperatures. Daytime temperatures typically range from 73F to 90F, with evenings cooling off to 63F to 68F and water temps typically between 73F and 78F. The island is usually dry in September but there is always a chance of rain. All accommodations have air conditioning. The water temperature is perfect but you may want a rash guard or small neoprene vest if you get cold in water. We also take swim buoys with us.

What is the average age on this retreat?
We have a wide range of women who attend our retreats, from 15-75 years young.

What if I am coming alone?
The majority of the women who attend our retreats come by themselves. Greece is a safe and easy country to travel as a single female. English is spoken in most tourist areas and we are here to answer any questions about travel that you may have. Although you may come alone, you will leave the retreat with new, lifelong friends!

Do I have to participate in everything on the schedule?
No! All activities and outings are optional. This is YOUR retreat. We encourage you to do what feels most nurturing and right for you. You will be fully supported in doing as much or as little as you choose. All of our activities will be guided by expert staff, and instruction and support will be offered for every activity according to your experience level. We will be working with the best bodyworkers on the island to provide massages and healing treatments in your free time.

Am I in good enough shape to do this retreat?
This is a retreat that everyone can do.  We will be swimming, kayaking and hiking during the retreat, so make sure you get out and do some similar activities at home to get your prepared.

Do I need travel insurance?
Yes.  Women’s Quest requires travel insurance for this retreat.  We all know things happen. Whether it’s before your trip, in transit, or during your retreat so Women’s Quest requires you take out travel insurance. Travel insurance policies can vary on their coverage so please make sure you understand their coverage if you have to cancel, travel delays and cancellations, medical coverage, emergency situations and other areas of interest to you. If you have any questions, please contact the travel insurance company directly. You can do your own investigation by checking out Squaremouth, a travel insurance comparison company that helps travelers search, compare and buy travel insurance online https://www.squaremouth.com/22393

Cancellation policy for international camps:

  • If you must cancel, a $1000 deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE*
  • Full refund, less deposit, will be given with at least 91 days notice *
  • Within 90 days of your camp, sorry but absolutely no refund will be given

Due to our commitments on Amorgos no exceptions will be granted to the above policy. And please note, we are sorry but injury and illness do not disqualify you from any of the above cancellation policies. We are UNABLE to transfer deposits or any payments from one year to the next.

We reserve the right to cancel retreats with inadequate participant interest, in which case all money paid to Women’s Quest will be refunded. Women’s Quest CANNOT be held responsible for any personal expenses, such as airline tickets due to changes in itineraries or tour cancellations.

Covid-19 Policy
As a small company Women’s Quest is unfortunately not able to provide refunds of payments if you need to cancel because of Covid or other injuries. 

Payment policy:
For all 2024 retreats, a 4% fee will be added to full and balance due payments made using Paypal.