Colorado Weekend Adventure Getaway

Boulder, Colorado
Cost: $325
June 23-25, 2017

Women's QuestRelax, refresh, and rebalance with Women’s Quest’s signature adventure retreat condensed to a weekend so everyone can join in on the fun. Indulge in the playful spirit of the Rocky Mountains with a weekend devoted just to you. Tap into your core energy with yoga, meditation, journaling, and our trademark Heart’s Desire process, designed to unlock your true potential. Reconnect with nature and renew your body with guided running/walking, hiking on great trails. Nutrition and wellness coaching round out this fun and transformative retreat.

This weekend adventure retreat is a favorite for women returning to Women’s Quest, and newcomers alike. Set in the natural splendor of the Rocky Mountains, our inspired staff takes care of everything, so you can truly focus on you. We slow the pace way down, so you have time to hike/run through meadows of wildflowers, meet new like-minded friends, learn new skills and soak in the sweeping mountain vista views.

Our activities, whether geared toward the body or the mind, are done at your own pace, according to your own inner wisdom. You only need to contribute an open heart and a playful attitude. If you’ve ever wanted to put your life on pause, to reengage with the natural world, to decompress, or to re-energize, this is the retreat for you.

We welcome all athletic ability levels and experience. Our adventures are designed to teach attainable skills appropriate to your comfort zone, and you will be grouped with women of similar experience. All activities are optional.


What to Expect:
The retreat will be held in Boulder and Nederland, Colorado, which is the wonderful hometown of Women’s Quest. This is a once in a life opportunity to be UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with all of the amazing professional staff of Women’s Quest.

Friday June 23, 1-7 Hike the beautiful mountain trails close to Boulder Colorado, and experience a Strong Balance class with KOA fit, followed by the Boulder outdoor mall walkabout to experience the fun of the outdoor mall stopping by our friends at Krimson Klover and Skirt Sports, for shopping, Happy Hour and short inspiring lectures by our World Class and Olympic athlete staff.

This retreat will also be sponsored by Krimson Klover, and Skirt Sports who are long time friends of WQ.

Saturday: 8am-5pm We will meet at at Chautauqua Park Community House located on the historic grounds of Chautauqua Park and surrounded by some of the best hiking in the country, includes catered fresh organic lunch with Three Leaf restaurant, drinks and snacks.

This day will include Yoga with Kirsten Warner, Strong Balance with Brenna Backe, Hiking on the beautiful Chautauqua Park trails, and break out sessions on discovering the joy of running, learning proper form and technique, and practicing drills. We’ll have our afternoon inspirational talk with 4 time Olympian Lorraine Moller.

Sunday: 9am-5pm We will enjoy a Full Day of Play in the mountains of Nederland Colorado. (Colleen’s home town) AMAZING HIKING with waterfalls, afternoon yoga and closing inspirational talk with Colleen and friends.


Women's QuestHighlights:
• Running and hiking on trails in beautiful settings.
• Daily Yoga with Gretchen Spiro
• Strong Balance with KOA fit
• NIA Dance
• Wildflowers and beautiful vistas galore.
• Small group sizes for all activities and ability levels.
• Professional instruction and guidance, safe supervision of all activities.
• Expert training tips for regenerating the body.
• Nutrition for the body, mind, and spirit. Learn how to nourish yourself with healthy foods, as well as supportive internal messages that help you feel good from the inside out.
• An inspired discussion with Olympic marathon medalist Lorrain Moller on “The Hero’s Journey.”
• Daily relaxation practices including yoga, mediation, dance and Qigong, designed to center and empower.
• Lifelong friendships and memorable experiences.


Included in the Price:
• Happy Hour with Krimson Klover and Skirt Sports
• Two organic healthy lunches and Bo Bo bars for our hikes
• Women’s Quest journal and creative materials.
• Professional instruction and guidance for all activities.
• Goodies from our sponsors.

* Airfare and transportation to and from the airport is not included in the cost.


Women's QuestHow do I find accommodations?
Now is great time to get your hotel rooms booked for June. It may seem early but they will go fast and you can get good prices by reserving right now.

We suggest keeping it inexpensive because you will be so busy playing that you will not be in the rooms much!


What will the food by like?
Women’s Quest will provide Bo Bo Bars, Eldorado Springs water, and juice throughout the retreat.

Friday Krimson Klover is hosting a Happy Hour with light snacks 5-7

Women’s Quest will provide 2 lunches,

Saturday’s lunch will be provided by 3 Leaf organic restaurant

Sunday’s lunch will be at Cross Cut Pizza in Nederland, gluten free options as well,

Please indicate any dietary restrictions; we can try to accommodate you.


Tell me about the yoga
Friday afternoon will be a Strong Balance class with Brenna Backe

On Saturday morning we are blessed to be with the AMAZING Jeannie Manchester, We will practice a yoga sequence that moves from a dynamic flow to restorative postures—designed to stretch out the body from the days’ adventures. We balance solid alignment techniques and playful sequences with opportunities for innovative self-discovery. As we work with a focus on core integrity and the connection between movement and breath, our stiff shoulders melt, our hamstrings lengthen, and our spines find greater flexibility. Most importantly, our smiles widen as we nurture our self-compassion and gratitude for “our one wild and precious life.” The practice blends the specificity of Iyengar yoga with a delight in flowing sequences (vinyasa) and poetic imagery. We end each afternoon practice with relaxing restorative yoga and guidance in mindfulness meditation.

During the activities of the day we will cultivate a yogic focus—bringing with us awareness developed in the daily yoga. We’ll take mini “yoga breaks” during the day, finding opportunities to feel suppleness and receptivity of the body as we draw the beauty of the environment into our cells.

The yoga practice on this retreat is designed to be accessible for all levels—both fresh beginners and experienced practitioners will deepen their practice according to individual needs and desires. Variations will be offered, and the instructors work with the principle that each person can find relationship with an “inner voice” that guides the balance of challenge and ease.

On Sunday afternoon we will have an inspirational talk and then Colleen’s unique “Awakening the Senses” Yoga. This gentle but powerful practice draws inspiration from Gyrokinesis, Qigong, and Tai Chi, and is a perfect way to wind down the retreat. It will be followed by a meditation practice


Women's QuestWhat weather can I expect?
The temperature in Boulder is usually around 60 degrees Fahrenheit in the morning, and then warms up to 85 degrees during the day.

Nederland is normally 15 degrees cooler then Boulder on average. The weather can change quickly, and afternoon thunderstorms are not uncommon. Bring clothes to layer, as it is slightly cooler in the early mornings and evenings. BRING A WATERPROOF RAIN JACKET FOR THE AFTERNOONS.


How might the altitude affect me?
The two major differences between altitude and sea level are decreased oxygen density and decreased humidity. The most important thing you can do to minimize the affect of altitude is to DRINK A LOT OF WATER! If you fly to the retreat, be sure you drink at least 32 oz. of water on the airplane. Avoid alcohol and get extra sleep the week before the retreat. We will ease you into activities and provide tips for adjusting to the change in altitude.

Boulder is at 5400 feet and Nederland is at 8,000 feet


Do I need to be an athlete to attend this retreat?
No. We consider “Everyone an Athlete” and we welcome all ability levels. The beginning rider and the elite rider will both love the Tuscan countryside for bike riding at its best. A variety of options are available for our walks, runs and bike rides, depending on each person’s comfort level. If you can, we suggest you start a training or workout program at least 3 months before you come so you can get the most out of the week. It does not need to be a hard-core program, just get out, play and be active a few days a week. If you just can’t find the time, don’t worry, there will always be others in the same situation and the supportive staff will help you along.


Am I in good enough shape to do the camp?
Yes! Beginning, elite and everyone in between riders will love the Tuscan countryside for bike riding at its best. A variety of options are available for our rides depending on each person’s comfort level. If you can, we suggest you start a training or workout program at least 3 months beforehand so you can get the most out of the week. It does not need to be a hard-core program, just get out, play and be active a few days a week. If you just can’t find the time, don’t worry, there will always be others in the same situation and the supportive staff will help you along.


What is the average age on this retreat?
We have a wide range of people who attend our retreats, from 15-70 years young. Each retreat will vary. Please contact us if you have questions about the ages on a specific retreat.


Women's QuestWhat if I come alone?
The majority who attend our retreats come by themselves. This is a co-ed retreat so some past Questers bring their husbands, some bring partners and some bring best friends and plenty of people come alone. Italy is a safe and easy country to travel as a single female. English is widely spoken and we are here to answer any questions about travel that you may have. Although you may come alone, you will leave the retreat with new, lifelong friends!


Cancellation policy for domestic camps:
• If you must cancel, your $325 is NOT REFUNDABLE*
*no exceptions will be granted to the above policy.*
Please note: We are sorry but injury and illness do not disqualify you from any of the above cancellation policies. We are UNABLE to transfer deposits or any payments from one year to the next.

We reserve the right to cancel retreats with inadequate participant interest, in which case all money paid to Women’s Quest will be refunded. Women’s Quest CANNOT be held responsible for any personal expenses, such as airline tickets due to changes in itineraries or tour cancellations.