Wine Country Spring | June 4-9

Join us for a healthy vacation that combines adventures for the body (road cycling and hiking) with adventures for the soul (yoga, journaling and meditation).

Rejuvenate your Body, Mind and Spirit

Our Quests take wellness to a new level by merging adventures that awaken the body with mindful practices to feed the soul, all in the lighthearted and fun environment to refresh your Body, Mind and Spirit

Staffed by inspirational athletes

Women's Quest was founded int 1992 by professional athletes committed to cultivating the mind-body-spirit connection.

Women’s Quest… The Ultimate Adventure

This is no ordinary fitness or sightseeing vacation. It is a reawakening to yourself and to your “one wild and precious life!”

Women’s Quest Fitness and Yoga adventure retreats are the ultimate vacation designed to re-energize your body, refresh your spirit, and ignite your mind. Created by women for women, our fun-filled health and wellness trips have been transforming travelers of all ages for over 25 years. Our retreats take fitness and well-being to a new level by blending the perfect mix of outdoor activities with mindful practices, including yoga and the Heart’s Desire process, to create an adventure that will spark your passion and empower you to LIVE LIFE! Retreats are held in some of the most inspiringly beautiful places on earth—ideal backdrops for personal growth, transformation, and fun! Come share a week with like-minded women and inspirational staff.


“You’ll leave with your biggest smile ever, and the tools and support to keep it there.” ~Women’s Quest Founder Colleen Cannon





Take Time For Yourself
At Women’s Quest we believe life is something to be lived to the fullest, not rushed through, or worse, sleepwalked through. We’ve found that we often want to slow down, make changes, and create meaning in our lives, but we’re so busy keeping up with our jam-packed schedule that we’re not sure how to start. The answer is simple (it’s just been lost in our modern lives): going on a Quest, a journey of personal discovery. With Women’s Quest, you’ll be joined on the path by a small group of like-minded travelers, each with different backgrounds and expectations, but the common goal of following her bliss.
Bike Riding
Empower Your Body & Mind
We’ve all had those triumphant moments when we achieved something we once believed impossible. Whether physical or mental, these occasions encourage us to continue to step beyond our present limitations, and to discover new powers within ourselves. This is the spirit of Women’s Quest, and the culture that we foster on every trip. Our all-female staff of athletes, artists, dance and yoga instructors, body therapists, coaches, optimists, and inspiration junkies is committed to helping women reach their full potential, in an atmosphere that is supportive, friendly, and non-competitive.

Live Your Adventure
Our retreats use physical activity as a vehicle to bring balance, self-awareness, and healthy attitudes into everyday life, all at a pace that’s comfortable for YOU. We’re not hardcore, but are extreme—as in extreme well-being. Each retreat is designed to rebuild your vitality and help you jump start a healthy routine that rekindles your kid energy. Basically we PLAY all day! Imagine surfing and practicing yoga in Costa Rica, wine tasting and cycling through Tuscany or California, riding mountain bikes in Vermont and Colorado or hiking to reach the legendary Machu Picchu in Peru. This is Women’s Quest-style travel.




Women's Quest and Beyond!



Fueled by Positivity


Colleen has been featured on an episode of Skirt Sports Fueled by Positivity! This talk show is hosted by Skirt Sports owner Nicole Deboom whose passion is to help women find strength, power and happiness through sports.


Check out Colleen’s interview about goals, intentions and her January 1st advice. Follow her instructions on how to take a deep breath and begin to look inward. In the winter, take the time to slow down, get clarity and find you passion. Give yourself the time in the winter to revitalize and re-energize for the spring!