Welcome to the Colorado Weekend Adventure Getaway

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Colorado Weekend Adventure Getaway
Boulder, Colorado
June 22-24, 2018
Cost: $350


Hello and Welcome to Women’s Quest!

Welcome to Women’s Quest Adventures for the Body, Mind, and Spirit! You will bring your amazing uniqueness to the retreat (just by being yourself), and we are thrilled that you will be joining us on a journey of adventure, knowledge and play. We will invite you to rekindle your inner kid! Retreats are a powerful time to reconnect with your inner wisdom and gain perspective and fresh “oomph” for your life. We commend you for taking time for yourself and coming to visit a place where true health means more than just having a strong body. You will discover how to fine-tune the relationship between your body, mind and spirit to achieve fitness from the inside out.

To make your retreat experience as enjoyable as possible from start to finish, we would like to walk you through all the information you will need to get ready for your adventure!

We have fantastic activities planned for you this summer. We are looking forward to an incredible time together. “The cure for exhaustion is not necessarily rest, it is wholeheartedness” (Brother David Sendall-Rast).   Your Adventures during this retreat will drench your senses and enliven your heart. We will share unique experiences and you will make new women-friends.

Get ready for an awesome week-end of fun and adventure! Please feel free to call or write if you have further questions. See you in the Winter Park!

With excitement and anticipation,
The Women’s Quest Staff


Example Schedule for the Colorado Weekend Adventure Getaway

Friday June 22, 1-7

Our adventure begins at 1:00 pm at Chautauqua Park in Boulder, Colorado and ends on Sunday in Nederland Colorado, which is a 20 minute drive up in the mountains from Boulder.

The first 2 days of the retreat will be held in Boulder, Colorado, which is the wonderful hometown of Women’s Quest. This is a once in a life opportunity to be UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with all of the amazing professional staff of Women’s Quest.

Hike the beautiful mountain trails of Chautauqua Park and experience a Strong Balance class with KOA fit, followed by the Boulder outdoor mall walkabout to experience the fun of the outdoor mall stopping by our friends at the Wonder Press for fresh cold pressed juice, Happy Hour with Krimson Klover and Skirt Sports with inspiring lectures by our World Class and Olympic athlete staff

This retreat will also be sponsored by Krimson Klover, Sherpani and Skirt Sports who are long time friends of WQ.

Saturday June 23, 8-6

8-5 at Chautauqua Park Community House located on the historic grounds of Chautauqua Park and surrounded by some of the best hiking in the country, includes catered fresh organic lunch with Three Leaf restaurant

This day will include Yoga with Jeanie Manchester and dance with NIA, plus Hiking on beautiful trails, and break out sessions on discovering the joy of running, learning proper form and technique, and practicing drills. We’ll have inspirational talks, heart felt discussion and sharing, visualization, journaling, and creative activities

Sunday June 24, 8-5

Full Day of Play at the Elk Mountain Sanctuary on Magnolia Road with YOGA, HIKING, inspirational talks and creative activities. Includes lunch, snacks and drinks



  • Running and hiking on trails in beautiful settings.
  • Daily Yoga with Gretchen Spiro
  • Strong Balance with KOA fit
  • NIA Dance
  • Wildflowers and beautiful vistas galore.
  • Small group sizes for all activities and ability levels.
  • Professional instruction and guidance, safe supervision of all activities.
  • Expert training tips for regenerating the body.
  • Nutrition for the body, mind, and spirit. Learn how to nourish yourself with healthy foods, as well as supportive internal messages that help you feel good from the inside out.
  • An inspired discussion with Olympic marathon medalist Lorrain Moller on “The Hero’s Journey.”
  • Daily relaxation practices including yoga, mediation, dance and Qigong, designed to center and empower.
  • Lifelong friendships and memorable experiences.